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  • pirha ancient city
  • gombe
  • ucarsu waterfall
  • gombe mosque

Trip to Gombe, Ucarsu and Green Lake

In this trip we are heading north to climb to the mountains which is the part of Taurus. Gombe is 63 km away from Patara and on the way we have a short stop in Pirha which is an ancient city of Lycia. There are many rock-cut tombs. When we got Gombe, we give some time to the group for sightseeing while we are buying fresh foods of the village for our lunch. In this time Small bazaar area, the mosque can be visited.

After visiting Gombe we need to go some more km to reach ucarsu waterfall. Then group walk to Green Lake. After seeing Green Lake we prepare a lunch on the mountain. On the way back we also give a tea break at a village.

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