Patara - Gelemis mh. no:100 Kas Antalya
+90 549 373 1993
information about patara
Patara is a small place with a great ancient city, very long and appealing beach and warm people.
18 km long white sandy beach of Patara.
Patara beach is world famous with its 18 km of golden sands which forms scenic sand dunes and gorgeous beach which is voted as one of the best beaches in many different media.
Patara ancient city was the capital of Lycian League.
Lycian Civilization is one of the oldest Mediterranean civilization and Patara was the capital of Lycian league. According to mythology It is birthplace of Apollo and it is known that St. Nicholas was born here.
Many species live in Patara Natural park and the beach is a nesting place for Caretta Caretta's.
Patara national park is a key biodiversity area, rich in birdlife and it is a nesting beach of the endangered loggerhead turtle (caretta caretta). The beach has been protected against development because of the sea turtles, they are nearing extinction.
Our village is small place where all the families are in tourism.
Patara Village is not big as other tourism destinations which makes it special. However, our village is not behind those mass tourism destination. We have little bit of everything. Most of the places are small and family owned. Everyone in the village is warm and helpful.
Directions and transportation advices to get Patara.
There are several options to get Patara. If you are coming by plane closest airport is Dalaman airport (120 km). Antalya airport is also an option but it is 220 km away.